Whether they're bell-bottoms from the good old days, skinny jeans, or just a plain pair of levis, we all love our denim.

So when we heard that it's part of a great new trend for fall--used in some surprising new ways--we had to hear all about it. Our sylist Darcy Camden joins New Day with the scoop!

Fall 2012 Denim fashion trends

LOOK #1: DO layer different shades of denim by wearing multiple blue jean items at once. Avoid wearing a single shade of blue from head to toe.

LOOK #2:DO look for classic denim garments, like 5 pocket jeans and denim jackets, in alternative colors and fabrics (ex. leather jeans, colored jean jacket).

LOOK #3: DO incorporate denim into your accessories. Just as your favorite pair of jeans goes with everything, so too will a denim shoe, hand bag or necklace.

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