The Washington State Patrol was in the town of Pacific Tuesday investigating allegations of police misconduct.

KING 5 has learned that mayor Cy Sun is asking other outside agencies for help, even though he himself is under investigation for destroying city records.

Mayor Sun maintains the officers who arrested him two weeks ago are fired.

They apprehended me, and handcuffed me and throw me in a cell, said Sun. That never happens in the United States of America. How would you like to see the police go in, handcuff the president and throw him in the brig?

But the Teamsters 117, who represent the officers, said Sun has no power to fire them, so they're still showing up for work.

KING 5 has learned the embattled mayor is reaching out to outside agencies. He sent a letter to the governor's office desperately asking for help, claiming the officers had mutinied. He wrote that he was jailed by his own police department and that it was a nationwide mockery.

The governor's office said it's in no position to take sides.

We have a governor up there sitting on the seat, voted by the people, to bring peace and order in the state, said Sun. What is she doing? Sitting down there doing nothing.

Meanwhile the city faces an uncertain future. At the end of the year Pacific loses its insurance coverage. The insurer said city hall is too vulnerable with too many vacant positions.Sun fired the chief of police, the city clerk, the public safety director, and the community service director. Under his term as mayor, three other department heads quit, two others went on leave, leaving at least 9 positions at city hall vacant.

Residents wonder if this could mean the end for Pacific.

I am very worried and extremely frustrated right now, said resident Toni Thomas. It's a three ring circus down at city hall and I would like to see things get cleaned up.

A consultant from the Municipal Research Services Center of Washington, who has been working with Pacific, said in a strong mayor city, it is Sun's responsibility to fill those positions to keep the city running.

A recall effort is underway for the mayor.

Both the King County Sheriff's department, who is investigating the mayor, and the state patrol, who is investigating the police department, said their investigations are just beginning.

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