SEATTLE - Preston Koeger turned 100 years old Thursday. His friends celebrated the birthday in a way that could have been hazardous to his health: belly dancers.

The dancersshould probably come with a warning label if the frosting on your birthday cake reads 100 years old.

But not for Seattle's Preston Koeger.

A good steak for breakfast, a good steak for dinner, he said.

That's Preston's advice for long living.

He came into the world in 1910. It s the same year Mark Twain died and Mother Teresa was born.

He arrived in Seattle in the 1930s where he performed on stage in theaterssuch asthe 5th Avenue.

Koeger then joined the Army for 30 years and spent nearly 20 years after that in Hollywood.

Right now I've been playing around in law school, he said.

Earning an American Bar Association card is one of his hobbies. There's also fixing computers and singing opera.His other hobby:stopping crime when he sees it.

This was back when he was 98 years old though.

I just walked over and tapped him on the shoulder, hauled off and hit him. That ended that. He was hauled away, he recalled.

Seattle Police even gave hima hat Thursday, saying he earned it.

Demetrios Lagos organizeda birthday party at his restaurant.

He's like the grandfather I never had, he said.

Preston is someone who's been 'over the hill' and back and says he doesn't plan on stopping.

You come around in the year 7086, I'll tell you how much longer I'll be here, he said.

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