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TACOMA, Wash. - The colors of a growing memorial pay homage to a life lost during one of the darkest days in Harlan Reed s life.

I'm never going to be the same again. those people I loved so much, he said.

Reed had known Jennifer Paulson and her killer Jed Ryan Waits for 10 years.

They all worked together in the cafeteria at Seattle Pacific University.

Waits gunned down Paulson on Friday as she walked to work as a special education teacher.

Police say Waits stalked Paulson for years.

Reed says he remembers a call from Waits that seemed unusual.

The very first time this started, he called me, and wanted to know where she worked, he said.

Reed never disclosed where Paulson taught.

That was two years ago. Since then Paulson had an anti-harassment order issued against Waits. But he didn't stop.

Former prosecutor Jeffery Campiche says he advises clients to make tough decisions.

It's really unpleasant advice, I suggest that they should move and change their name if it's someone like this that keeps at it after the police are involved, he said.

Karin Tautfest is a domestic violence and stalking expert with the YWCA.

There's about 3.4 million cases of stalking in the us every year, she said.

Tautfest says stalking needs to be on people s radar.

A lot of times people joke about it, or they blow it off as not that big of a deal, when it can have fatal consequences, she said.

There can be fatal consequences even for those who take precautions and involve police like Paulson did.

Reed said he knows his friend is now in heaven.

My hope is that I'll get to go there and see her, that's my hope, he said.

Jennifer's father, Ken, too distraught to talk on camera, spoke over the phone. He said hindsight is 20/20, and that he never thought that he'd have to put his daughter into hiding to keep her safe.

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