Anyone can develop cancer. One in three people will be diagnosed with the disease during their lifetime.

That doesn't sound encouraging, but, consider this: Experts believe more than two-thirds of all cancer cases can be prevented if we would just make the right lifestyle choices.

How we live affects our health, and not surprisingly, we're now finding many common cancers are linked to lifestyle.

That's actually good news. Not that we're suggesting cancer is completely curable, but many can be influenced by simple healthy measures.

Here are 25 things you can do to prevent cancer:

1) Don't smoke 2) Limit alcohol consumption 3) Enjoy chocolate (in moderation) 4) Sweat out toxins 5) Eat 5-9 servings of fruits & veggies 6) Eat cruciferous vegetables 7) Eat less red meat 8) Avoid products made with nitrates 9) Lose weight 10) Get regular exercise 11) Reduce stress 12) Make a place for spirituality 13) Do monthly self-exams 14) Follow screening guidelines 15) Know your family history 16) Practice safe sex 17) Girls get HPV vaccine 18) High risk women get annual MRIs 19) Reconsider hormone replacement therapy 20) Teach your kids a cancer-free lifestyle now 21) Avoid tanning beds 22) Protect your skin from the sun 23) Check for radon in your home 24) Do your part to reduce air pollution 25) Participate in clinical trials

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