SEATTLE -- Washington state's first legal marijuana license is going to a guy named Green.

Sean Green, the chief executive of a company called Kouchlock Productions, was issued a producer-processor license at the state Liquor Control Board meeting in Olympia on Wednesday morning.

We are living the American dream, said Green. Cannabis prohibition is over.

The license will initially allow Green to grow 21,000 square feet of cannabis.

Green has run medical marijuana dispensaries in Shoreline and Spokane for the past few years.

I'm coming home with jobs, Spokane, said Green, holding up his license.

Philip Dawdy, a longtime marijuana activist, says Green was one of the first dispensary operators in the state to pay all applicable state taxes, and that he always plays by the rules.

The liquor control board said it expected 2,000 applicants for licenses to grow, process or sell pot after voters passed Initiative 502 in 2012. It got more than 7,000.

State inspections for potential grow locations are scheduled through April.

Producer license information

Processor license information

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