If you need help from City Hall, who do you call?

Charter Amendment 19, which would change the way Seatellites elect city council members, might answer the question.

Currently, all nine Seattle City Council Members are elected citywide, meaning all city voters vote for all nine of them.

Charter Amendment 19 would elect seven of the council members by geographic district. They would have to live within the district they represent. It leaves two council members still elected citywide.

You'll find some supporters of the amendment at the Lockhaven Apartments in Ballard, where many low-income and elderly live.

Lockhaven was purchased, and will be renovated by Pinnacle. Most tenants have received eviction notices and are being told their rents will go up, many rents may double.

There have been quite a few move out, said resident Evan Sugden.

Sugden says he supports Charter Amendment 19. If you have one member that your community elected then that's your representative and I think it brings democracy to the community level.

The Seattle Municipal League Foundation opposes the Amendment, saying it would lead to in-fighting.

By taking a more district based approach, these discussions could devolve into these neighborhoods being pitted against one another for limited city resources, said Chuck Sloane, a Foundation board member.

Seattle is one of only three large American cities that doesn't elect council members by district.

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