NEAR ARLINGTON, Wash. - Two rescue attempts in as many days along the Stillaguamish river has first responders sending a warning.

Monday afternoon, 8 people had to be rescued from the Stillaguamish river, according to Assistant Fire Chief Branden Bates.

There were some rafters going down that got stuck in some snags, said Bates.

After a couple hours, the group was pulled out of the water by first responders near River Meadows Park. No one was hurt.

Just one day earlier, the outcome was not positive.

Sunday, a couple miles away in the Stillaguamish, a 10-year-old boy was swept downstream. A helicopter spotted him nearly a half mile from where he disappeared. He was pulled from the water but died at the hospital. Rescuers say the boy was not wearing a life jacket

Just wear a life jacket out there, know your surroundings, and preplan before, said Bates

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