Many people struggle to lose weight. For two women, even though they seemed to be doing everything right, the pounds just seem to pile on.

Margaret Hoelzer was a swimmer -- an Olympian -- but she struggled with weight her entire career. Anna Boyd lost 85 pounds, started running long distances, but gained most of the weight back while training for an Ironman.

Both women came to Dr. Emily Cooper, a Board Certified physician in family medicine, sports medicine, and obesity medicine, to figure out what was going on with their bodies. They both had underlying medical issues that were exacerbated by years of dieting, a problem many people could have without knowing it.

Dr. Cooper has advice for anyone having similar problems losing weight:

  1. Stop deprivation diets. They do not work long-term.
  2. Fuel before, during and after exercise.
  3. See your doctor for a full metabolic workup.

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