BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Typically, the biggest worries over fireworks come from pet owners whose dogs and cats hide under the bed or disappear into the woods when the explosions begin.

However, with more men and women returning from combat with PTSD, concerns are growing to include veterans. With that in mind, the Bellingham City Council is considering banning all personal fireworks in the city.

The council's public works and public safety committee agreed Monday that the existing city law is not being followed by many of the people celebrating on July 4th and New year s Eve. A proposed ban on the use of personal fireworks is now expected to be brought to the full council for discussion and review.

Exactly how far reaching the ban would be is still to be determined, but police report that complaints about people lighting off fireworks late into the night, especially on July 4th, have risen substantially over the years.

The current city ordinance limits personal fireworks use in the city to Dec. 31, Jan. 1 and July 4. The ordinance also restricts the size of fireworks that can be sold and discharged.

State law dictates that a ban could not take effect until one year after enactment, meaning there would be no impact on this year s 4th of July.

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