TENINO, Wash. - State investigators determined a Tenino Councilman violated state ethics laws while working for the State Department of Labor and Industries.

Robert Scribner used his position with the state to access personal information and financial records of Tenino employees, including Mayor Eric Strawn, according to the investigation.

A Labor and Industries spokesperson said before he could be punished Scribner retired from the state.

His last day came 10 days after the investigation was completed in August.

The spokesperson said the violation could have been a firable offense.

Scribner was not available for comment Tuesday.

Last week Tenino's mayor was accused of getting oral sex in a Tenino police car in the parking lot of a Lacey strip mall.

Strawn said he was only kissing a woman, and was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Strawn told KING 5 he should not have been kissing the woman in a city vehicle.

Tenino's mayor said Scribner's incident was much worse than his, and he wants Scribner to resign.

Strawn expected Scribner, and other council members, to ask for his resignation Tuesday night.
Strawn said he is not going to quit.

Earlier this summer Strawn asked for the resignation of another councilmember, Frank Anderson.

Anderson owes the City of Tenino more than $100,000 in unpaid fines and utility bills. He remains on the city council.

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