It has been a long and heart wrenching week for the people of Kitsap County, especially for those in the law enforcement community.

State Patrol dispatchers have been at the center of all the tragedy.

They had to maintain their cool and stay on the job, even when they realized those impacted were co-workers and friends.

Communications officers at the State Patrol building in Bremerton communicate with officers, troopers and rangers from several agencies.

Dispatcher Naomi Myers says she is always on alert you re the mom, you got to know where your kids are every minute.

It s important that they stay in their right mind when everything is going wrong.

State Patrol Communications Training Coordinator Carri Gordon said they go through extensive training to prepare for situations they faced last week. But Gordon admits there s no way to fully prepare for the incidents they faced last week.

Myers says she tries to stay focused, even when things feel overwhelming.

There's so much to do and you have this thought in the back of your head; I want my troopers to go home safe tonight, she said.

This week they ve had way too many of those calls.

It was a dispatcher who first realized something might be wrong when trooper Tony Radulescu didn t check in.

Friday night, Myer was the dispatcher who helped confirm that the man killed in a car accident was Edward Johanson, a Park Ranger they worked with.

It was a tough phone call to take, Myer said.

This week they ve relied on training and each other to get through it all, but it has not been easy.

Gordon said they have debriefed with dispatchers and have offered counseling to anyone struggling to cope with the incidents of this week.

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