A trial is underway for Jason Puracal, a Tacoma native charged with drug trafficking in Nicaragua.Now aLakebay man says something similar happened to him.

Steve Janzing's passport shows a life well traveled.

I've got a stamp from Korea, Japan and Nicaragua, he said.

It's that trip to Nicaragua that haunts Janzing the most.

It was probably one of the worst periods of my life, he said.

Steve says he was 20 years old and fearless, new to the town of San Juan Del Sur helping a friend open a dance club when men, carrying automatic rifles busted down his apartment door.

All I knew was that they had guns so and I didn't and so I was doing whatever they wanted me to do.

Hours later, Steve says he was in jail, interrogated in a language he didn't know about drugs.

I would be willing to take a lie detector contest if anyone wants to test my integrity on being attached to drug or drug trafficking.

Unlike Tacoma native Jason Puracal, Steve says he was let go and quickly got out of town. He's afraid for Jason.

I don't know 100 percent for sure if he's innocent or guilty but I am sure he's most likely not going to get a fair trial unless somebody puts pressure on them.

Congressman Adam Smith's office is a supporter of Jason Puracal. His family has received a groundswell of support.

Eric Volz, a California native who was sentenced to 30 years in prison for murdering an ex-girlfriend and later acquitted estimates a least a dozen American's have experienced unlawful imprisonment. He says the judicial system works differently than ours, they play by different rules.

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