SEATTLE - It has been quite a busy few days for John Diaz, Ron Davis and Rick Braziel.

They are the candidates for the top job at the Seattle Police Department and they have spent the last few days answering questions, asking questions, meeting city officials and community members, talking about their current jobs and their hopes for the future.

They have been on TV, taken questions from the public in an open forum and met privately with Mayor Mike McGinn.

Interim Seattle Chief John Diaz, the only local candidate says it's been quite a week.

I think it was designed as a marathon and then they had us sprint through it. That's pretty much how it felt, he said.

All three men sat down for questions from the press to wind up the extended meet-and-greet session.

Chief Ron Davis, East Palo Alto, California, talked about the importance of leading and following in the position of Chief.

Part of that is following those that are elected and following those that make the decision to elect, like the community. The Chief is also a technical advisor but should be apolitical but politically astute, he said.

All three men acknowledged they have been primarily auditioning before for first-term Mayor Mike McGinn.

Chief Rick Braziel of Sacramento told reporters he had never been through an interview process like this one and given the quality of each candidate the mayor has a tough decision on his hands.

He's new, with not a lot of exposure to public safety. So he has to figure out very quickly, and his staff, what it is you look for in a police chief, he said.

A spokesperson for the Mayor says McGinn could have a decision on a final candidate to present to the City Council by next week, but there is no guarantee a decision will come that fast.

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