Video: Couple suffocating in Snuggies

SEATTLE - Through almost seven decades of marriage, 90-year-old Marcia Burns and her 94-year-old husband Bernie have seen about everything, until they laid their eyes on the Snuggie.

"I thought it was a wonderful idea. They were nice and warm and lightweight," said Marcia.

Marcia ordered a couple of them, and then a couple more, and that's it.

"And they came in due time, and they kept coming and coming and coming," she said. "Then they started arriving two at a time, four at a time."

By the time the Snuggies stopped coming they had enough to outfit their entire clan, and they didn't know what to do.

"But how did the Snuggies people find out about that? 'Hey we got a live one, some old lady in Seattle," Marcia said with a chuckle.

The Burns are pretty frugal. They moved to Seattle from Canada in 1939 and moved into an apartment at the El Capitan in downtown Seattle.

"$37.50 a month furnished with all of the utilities," said Marcia.

Bernie picked up a job in the credit department of a jeweler.

"I had been a lawyer so I thought I'd have enough sense to know who had good credit and who had bad credit," he said.

Marcia and Bernie started a collections business in Snohomish County and grew a large and wonderful family.

Sorry, they all will not be getting Snuggies, because a grandson called us and asked for help. We called the company. They're issuing a full refund to the Burns', who will send the extra Snuggies back with a message.

"I would tell them I love your product but I don't need 22 of them, that's what it comes to," said Marcia.

I'm not a big snuggies guy, and yes, we had them on backwards. Sorry about that.

Anyway, the company behind the Snuggie says it wanted to go above and beyond in the burns case. And the happy couple says they can't wait to get those extra Snuggies off of their hands.

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