Workers with shovels are digging trenches at the Oso slide search site in hopes of diverting rainwater that threatens to flood the areas they spent days digging out. Commanders say heavy rains in the forcast will slow down the rapid progress they were able to make during the brief dry period.

We got our first look today at the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River which was virtually knocked out of its channel by the slide and is currently cutting a new path through the debris of mud, trees and household items that were once a peaceful riverside community.

Volunteers who played a key role at the beginning of the search are now being asked to get some rest and let fresh crews and search dogs get to work in the muddy spill zone.

FEMA is sending in specialized teams to help locat the remains of those still missing and presumed dead.

The official death rose to 30 today. 27 of them have been identified.

Workers have had very little rest and are expected to keep on slogging through the debris even after the heavy rains hit.

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