Patients often have unnecessary tests and treatments. That's why the Choose Wisely campaign started.

KING 5's Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson is a pediatrician at the Everett clinic. She's also known to many of you as Seattle Mama Doc.

Here is what she says parents need to know about choosing wisely when it comes to their kids' health:

  1. No antibiotics for upper respiratory infections
  2. No cough or cold meds for children under 4
  3. CT scans not necessary for minor head bonks
  4. Febrile seizures don't require CT or MRI
  5. Abdominal pain often doesn't require CT scans
  6. No high-dose steroids for preterm infant lung disease
  7. No routine food allergy tests without symptoms or history
  8. Spitting up is common in infants; avoid meds and treatment
  9. Only do urine tests when symptoms are present
  10. Don't use home infant monitors to prevent SIDS
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