Verizon Wireless is advising its customers to watch out for remote calls promising account credit.

The phishing scam involves a recording, claiming the customer has a credit on their account, and to go to a special website to claim it. The site, which looks identical to Verizon s and has the Verizon logo on it, prompts customers to enter their username, password, or credit card before stealing that information.

Authorities have already shut down some of the fake websites, but the scam has not stopped. Verizon says a good way to spot the scam is by noticing if the URL matches the monetary amount. If the call offers a customer $123, the scammer would instruct them to go to

Verizon also offered a few tips on how to generally spot a phishing scam.

1. Don t believe what you see. Scammers can easily steal the colors, logo and header of a business to create a legitimate looking fake website.

2. Check the URLs. The scammers take special care to make sure the fake website s URL looks very similar to the company s URL. Many times, the name of the business will be put as a subdomain of another site. In this case, the scammers used Verizon s initials.

3. Consider how the business normally reaches you. Some companies prefer to text, email or send a letter to their customers. If the way the business contacts you is a departure from normal routine, be wary.

4. Contact the business. When in doubt, this is the best way to ensure you aren t being scammed. Look for a legitimate phone number on your bill, not on a website the scammers gave you.

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