Emphysema, a disease that destroys air sacs in lungs, made it difficult for Linda Sachs to breathe, which impacted her career at a radio station.

However, a new treatment from the University of Pittsburgh could help people regain lung function, including Sachs.

Dr. Frank Sciurba at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is testing a new minimally-invasive procedure that inserts 10 small coils into damaged areas of a patient's lung. The coils expand the healthier section of the lung and help patients breathe more easily.

This is a trial I'm real hopeful for because I really would like to have a tool that I can offer our more advanced patients, Dr. Sciurba said.

Sachs said she felt better immediately after receiving the treatment.

The study is still recruiting patients, and the closest local site is at the Franciscan Research Center in Tacoma. You can view the recruiting locations on

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