In the months before his shooting rampage in Federal Way, Dennis Clark III was dating another woman. She claims he also victimized her. She asked KING 5 not to disclose her identity.

The woman is a mother of three kids, who says she started dating Clark in January.

A nice guy, very quiet, she said. He said he didn't have many friends. He was different too. That he wanted to have a family, kids.

She said it wasn't long before he started acting strangely.

There were a few nights where he would just show up knocking at my window, she said.

The woman says Clark showed her his gun and said he had a concealed pistol license for it. Soon, she felt like he was stalking her.

Ifelt like he was watching from outside. Ijust had that instinct.

Finally, last month, while she was living at an apartment complex on Military Road in Federal Way, he showed up unexpectedly and was visibly upset.

I didn't open up my door right away because I was scared. Ihad a feeling he was going to attack me, which he did. He got on top of me and took my phone.

She started screaming and her neighbors called police.

I was begging for my life, saying please don't hurt me. Iwant to see my kids again. And he said 'I would never hurt you. I'm going to be a doctor.'

In the incident last month, Clark left the scene before police could talk to him. Since she was not physically assaulted, Clark was never arrested.

That was the last time she saw him, until she heard about the shooting last weekend.

I was shocked. I was terrified. That could have been me. God was watching me, she said.

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