SEATTLE -- Heather Henley was at the scene of a terrible crash Sunday, but it is still hard for her to believe it was real.

I thought that kind of violence would only happen in the movies, said Henley.

Instead it happened on the highway. Seattle police said a group of men inside a green or gray colored car started chasing and firing gunshots at the driver of a Suburban. The chase followed an encounter at festival at Seward Park, where police said glances were exchanged.

The car chase moved through the Beacon Hill neighborhood, and eventually, spilled onto Interstate 5. A gunshot hit the targeted driver, a 20-year-old man, in the shoulder. The driver then hit a silver Kia, according to police.

I just said pull over, said Henley.

She could see the Kia on its top, and two women trapped inside. Those women turned out to be Kara Andrew and her 14-year-old daughter, Kailey.

She was the first voice we heard, said Kara. She kept me calm, and she kept Kailey calm.

Kara and Kailey are bruised and sore, but they are okay.

During an interview with King 5 on Tuesday, Kara said she wanted to meet the woman who came to her aid. She made a public plea for the good Samaritan to come forward. Heather Henley saw the story, and did just that. The women met Thursday evening. Kara thanked Heather for going out of her way to make sure they were okay.

Police are still searching for the suspects who started the chase, and fired gunshots on I-5.

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