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PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Multiple 911 calls placed minutes after Josh Powell killed his two young sons and then lit his Graham home on fire were released Tuesday.

Among the calls are the social worker who escorted the boys to Powell's home, Powell's sister, his attorney, his boss, and neighbors who saw the flames.

It was the social worker who brought Charlie, 5, and Braden, 7, to the house for their court-ordered supervised visit who called 911 first. She called as soon as she said Powell took the children and shut her out of the house.

Nothing like this has ever happened before, I'm really shocked, I can hear one of the kids crying, the woman said. This is the craziest thing, he looked right at me and closed the door.

Concerned that the children might be in a life-threatening situation, the woman also told dispatchers she smelled gas coming from the house. After the house exploded in flames, she called again.

He blew up the house and the kids! she cried. He slammed the door in my face!

Around the same time of the fire, Josh's sister, Alina Powell, called 911 after she received an email from her brother.

I think my brother might be in trouble or something, said Alina, he's sending weird emails, he's saying goodbye.

In tears, Alina gives more information. She later says she's scared of what may have happened.

I'm not afraid of him, he'd never hurt me, I'm afraid of seeing something I don't want to see, she said.

Josh's attorney, Jeff Bassett, also placed a call to 911 after he received an email from Josh. At the time, he already knew there was an explosion at the house.

I have an email from my client and that email gives me every indication that this was intentional, said Bassett. It basically says, 'I'm sorry, goodbye.'

Meanwhile, Pierce County authorities on Tuesday served a search warrant at a storage unit belonging to Josh Powell.

The storage unit is located somewhere near Sumner, but the exact details are not known yet.

Police from West Valley, Utah, said the search warrant at the storage unit has nothing to do with the disappearance of SusanPowell, Josh's wife who went missing in December, 2009.

Investigators also said Josh Powell withdrew $7,000 in cash from a bank the day before he killed himself and his two young sons. It isn't clear what happened to the money.

Police called the deaths of Charlie and Braden a deliberate plan and a tragedy.

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