MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- A woman who was arrested for a dog theft in Marysville two weeks ago says it's a terrible crime, but it wasn't her.

The incident was caught on surveillance video, showing a woman outside the home of Ron and Colleen Smith, grab Takoda, a Siberian husky, and usher him into a waiting car, all as he yelped crossing the electric fence keeping him in the yard.

Susie Kush said Marysville Police arrested her Thursday for the crime. She's been a long time volunteer with a dog rescue group.

I was handcuffed, taken upstairs to the jail, and they had me change into their stripey clothes, she said.

But Kush said she is innocent. At the time Takoda was stolen, she said she was having lunch with friends, and says police will figure it out when they go to check her alibi.

The fact that I have witnesses that can place me at Mill Creek Town Center at that time should be enough I would think, Kush said.

She disagrees with what the thief did by stealing the dog. She also points out that her hair is darker than the woman in the surveillance video, and she believes she's heavier than her too.

Kush is hoping the real thief comes forward soon. She says if she has to spend money on an attorney, that is money that won't be going to rescuing dogs.She says if the thiefreally cares about dogs, she'll do the right thing.

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