Video: Tax lady facing court again

Lorna Walker Fleeks, also known as The Tax Lady, walks out of Tukwila District Court following a hearing on her harassment charge.

In her first appearance, Walker Fleeks admitted drinking alcohol before court. The next time she faced the judge she was legally drunk.

Ofc. Michael Murphy of the Tukwila Police Department said she complied and provided a breath test and the machine measured .141.

In a Get Jesse investigation we spoke to former customers who say Walker Fleeks took their money but did not finish their taxes.

Others say the tax lady is holding their paperwork hostage.

And still she has nothing to say to us.

Some people were enlightened by our story on the tax lady.

"It had come as a surprise to me that this is happening," said Laurie Hayden, who runs a business called "Tax Ladies."

The report wasn't a pleasant surprise for Hayden.

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"No doubt that could definitely hurt our business if people thought we were associated with the Tax Lady," she said.

Well we're here to tell you that the two are not associated at all. Not even close.

In fact, Laurie's business is offering to prepare the taxes of every customer stiffed by the Tax Lady - for free.

"They didn't do anything wrong. They went to a professional they trusted and paid for services and trusted they would be taken care of," she said.

If you want to take advantage of The Tax Ladies' offer, call (253) 939-2700.

If you have a consumer concern, call Jesse Jones toll-free at 877-51-JESSE or e-mail him at

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