FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- The landslide in Oso has officials keeping a close eye on mudslides in their own communities. In Pierce County, a landslide this past weekend could lead to more movement on a hillside near Dash Point State Park.

What was initially a four inch crack along the hillside has turned into four feet. Since Monday, that hasn't changed, but with rain anticipated Thursday and through the weekend, another slide puts at least three homes in danger.

The area is tucked away in Pierce County along the Puget Sound.

It's beautiful. It's peaceful and it's private. It's where we chose to live, said Loren Combs, homeowner.

The peaceful landscape in Dash Point was a selling point for homeowners like Combs.

We came here in the 1990s and the minute you're here on a sunny day, the ducks are out and the sea lions are out swimming around. You're sold on the place, she said.

But with rain in the forecast through the weekend, the peace could soon see its end.

This is about 50 tons of material sitting here and that's our big hazard right now, said Dash Point's Fire Chief Cliff McCollum.

And Combs' home is sitting right in the path of the potential landslide..

It could destroy one of the houses down below, said McCollum. It's a big chunk of material and there's already a lot of pressure at the bottom of the hill.

Since Saturday's landslide near Markham Avenue, McCollum has been monitoring movement along the same hillside.

We're just going to keep a heightened state of awareness and monitoring this three or four times a day, said McCollum.

The chief even brought in a geologist from the Department of Transportation to survey the land.

They think it's probably going to slide and it's going to depend on the rain how much it's going to slide, said McCollum

They re warnings that homeowners now can't ignore - but ones that won't change how they feel about where they call home.

I have the knowledge. I have the information, but I still want to live here because it's a great place, said Combs.

The crack that officials are monitoring sits only feet away from another major landslide that occurred in 1996, so many in the area are familiar with the damage it could do.

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