SPOKANE, Wash.-- The second teenager accused of killing a World War II veteran is being held on $3 million bail.

A Spokane judge said Kenan Adams-Kinard had shown himself to be a flight risk when setting bail Tuesday afternoon.

Adams-Kinard, 16, was arrested Monday morning in a North Spokane home. He is one of two teenagers charged with the beating death of Delbert Belton, 88.

In court, the suspect claimed that he and Demetrius Glenn met Delbert Belton to buy crack. Adams-Kinard said Belton shorted them, which initiated the attack.

Police said they have no evidence to support such a claim. Investigators called the claim ridiculous. Authorities say this was a robbery that got out of control and there is no evidence to indicate the two suspects knew Belton.

Federal Agents, Major Crimes Detectives and undercover officers were on hand for Adams-Kinard's court apperance to keep things under control.

Glenn, 16, made his first court appearance Monday. He is being charged as an adult and his bail was set at $2 million. Both suspects are accused of First Degree Murder and First Degree Robbery.

WATCH: Demetrius Glenn s court appearance

Police arrested Demetrius Glenn on Thursday night in Spokane. Adams-Kinard and Glenn are accused of beating Belton in the Eagle s Lodge parking lot in the evening on August 21.

Detectives said Glenn had cuts on his hands consistent with a beating. Investigators also said they have security video from several area businesses with the teens on it.

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