SEATTLE - Abortion is one of those topics that most people already have their minds made up about.

For some it's about morality, religion.

I don't think people who go and have unprotected sex and don't think about it should be allowed to come in whenever they want and say oh I made a mistake let's get rid of it, said one woman.

For others it's about human rights.

I think women should have the right to make decisions about their own bodies, said one man.

And then there's the issue of who should pay for it.

Women have no guarantee that their insurance companies will cover this second or third most common procedure, said Dr. Anna Kaminski.

Dr. Kaminski and other supporters are behind a bill mandating private insurance companies cover the procedure.

But Dan Kennedy with Human Life of Washington says not so fast.

For groups that promote what they call choice, to refuse to offer choice to insurance companies and those who are customers of insurance companies, is just hypocritical, he said.

Back in 1991, Washington voters passed an initiative requiring state funded insurance to cover abortions. Kennedy believes adding private insurers to the list goes too far.

If women are paying for insurance that we earned, we ought to be able to purchase insurance that covers abortions, Christine Kocsis.

But women like Kocsis, who paid out of pocket for an abortion, believes this added measure will safeguard her right.

As part of the proposed bill, a state conscience clause will be added, allowing insurance companies backed by religious organizations to opt out.

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