BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Local Egyptian-Americans came togetherFriday nightto celebrate, and many came out to support them.

Singing Egypt's national anthem, a crowd of dozens of people on the corner of 8th and Bellevue Way rejoiced.

We are so proud of them, said Talat Hanafy, of the people in his homeland. They did what we were not able to do, what we were scared to do what we were afraid to do 10 or 20 years ago.

Samiah Korshed of Redmond wanted to share her joy. She handed out candy to friends and strangers who walked by.

I heard the news sitting at my desk and I cried immediately, she said. My next door person in the cube came over and gave me a strong strong hug and said she felt for me.

The celebration extends beyond the Egyptian community. Two Saudi-Americans from Seattle drove to Bellevue to join the party.

All Saudis with Egyptians, said Mohammed Khalid. And we are all one blood!

Egyptians are our friends and brothers, said Abdul Ghanisebbane, who was born in Algeria.

When asked about the uncertainty of their country's future, the people gathered on the street corner said they had confidence in the Egyptian army and the ideas of the younger generation. They are excited to move forward.

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