ARLINGTON- Fire Chief Don Crowson blamed a temporary stairwell that was not ready for use for not letting about 400 fans with tickets into a seating area at the Super Bowl.

Crowson said he did not feel comfortable allowing fans to sit in those areas.

Chief Crowson said there was no way to get people out of their seat in case of an emergency. That is why he claimed he closed those sections down.

Preliminary reports also point to a contractor who did not finish the work on time, even though the crew was close to finishing the job on time.

He said he could not answer questions regarding if the stairs would be done at the last minute.

My job is to inspect and make sure jobs are safe, said Chief Crowson. The assembly of the stands is up to the owner.

Crowson said he knew it was going to be close getting the chairs in and stairs built in time for the game. He later specified the handrails where a problem and a safety issue.

The fire chief said when he made the call, Cowboys officials and the NFL did not give him a hard time.


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