SEATTLE KING Television and KING 5 News today announced that popular consumer advocate Jesse Jones is taking a leave of absence.

Over the past few years, Jesse has been quietly waging a successful fight against kidney cancer. He is among 200,000 survivors of the disease in the country.

During a recent checkup, Jesse s doctors found a common occurrence with his type of cancer; it had moved to his lungs. The doctors caught it in a very early stage.

Jesse has already had two tumors successfully removed and will now begin immunotherapy. His doctors say because he is young and in good health, they are optimistic the treatments will destroy the last bit of cancer.

Jesse looks forward to returning to KING 5 News in February. Until then, Jesse and his family are hoping to move forward with his recovery with as much privacy as possible.

Well-wishers can leave a message for Jesse in the comments section below.

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