Chris Ingalls reports for the award-winning KING 5 Investigators. He is also KING 5's federal criminal justice reporter.

Chris has earned some of investigative journalism's biggest awards. In 2012, his series "Their Crime, Your Dime" was recognized as outstanding television with a Peabody award. KING 5 was one of only four local television stations to win a Peabody that year. The series exposed state and federal government's ineffective response to widespread fraud in welfare programs.

The series was also one of four investigative programs by a local television stations nominated for a national Emmy in 2012.

The Society of Professional Journalists awarded a prestigious Sigma Delta Chi medal to Chris in 2011.

Chris has won the investigative reporting Emmy for the Pacific Northwest Region for four years running.

In 2009, Chris' reports on a well-known local service company that employed untrained felons, including a homicide convict, earned an Emmy for investigative reporting.

Chris received another Emmy in 2010 when his analysis found that railroad companies across Washington had sparked hundreds of wildfires, some of them causing widespread damage or even death.

In 2011, Chris won the Emmy with his hidden camera investigations that showed how people cheated the welfare system.

In 2012, Chris picked up another statue when "Their Crime, Your Dime" exposed more wrongdoing that resulted in the creation of a new government fraud unit to fight welfare crimes in Washington.

Chris joined KING 5 in December of 1994. The former radio news reporter began his career in Dayton, Ohio, after graduating from Wright State University. He began reporting television news at Dayton's CBS affiliate WHIO-TV, as the station's crime and courts reporter.

Chris has roots (and a lot of family and friends) in Ohio, but he is now proud to call the Seattle-area his home. He is married with three wonderful children.

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