5-game win streak? Seahawks have a shot

5-game win streak? Seahawks have a shot

Credit: Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times

On Sunday, the 2-6 Seahawks of the season's first half stepped aside, and the franchise embraced the artificial opening of the second half. Joe Flacco goes deep for Torrey Smith in the fourth quarter, but Earl Thomas breaks it up.


by SPNW Staff


Posted on November 23, 2011 at 4:01 PM

With the Seahawks having started the second half with a pair of victories, over the Baltimore Ravens and St. Louis Rams (just the second two-game winning streak of the Pete Carroll era), they have a reasonable shot at extending their streak to five by the time they play the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field Dec. 18.

The Seahawks host the 3-7 Washington Redskins Sunday at CenturyLink Field, play the 4-6 Philadelphia Eagles at the Clink on Thursday, Dec. 1 and have a (lightly anticipated) rematch with the 2-8 Rams at home Dec. 12.

Three victories would get the Seahawks to 7-6 -- not enough to catch 9-1 San Francisco in the NFC West, and not enough to make a second consecutive playoff appearance (the NFC West won't factor into the wild card this year), unless the 49ers collapse.

"To get back-to-back wins for us at this time is important," said Carroll. "We talked about starting the second half and you win one game -- OK, that’s an easy start to it. But you  make some headway when you come back and you get another game. Now we’re going into the third week of it, and we’re going to see if we can keep this thing going. We’re encouraged."

The Seahawks have not had a three-game winning streak since 2007, nor a five-game winning streak since the middle part of that year, when they finished 10-6 and defeated the Redskins in an NFC wild card game.

The most pronounced difference in the second-half Seahawks and the team that went 2-6 in its first eight games: an ability to run the ball and control the clock. Seattle has produced three consecutive 100-yard (team) rushing games, 162 at Dallas, 119 vs. Baltimore, and 126 at St. Louis, after rushing for 100 yards just twice in the first seven games.

This is the first time since the final three games of the 2009 season that Seattle (as a team) had managed 100 or more rushing yards in three consecutive contests. Since Week 9, the Seahawks have improved from the 29th rushing offense in the league to 27th at 95.1 yards per game (the Redskins are 30th in rushing at 84.0).

"It’s just taken us a long time to start to see it come together," said Carroll. "It’s cool to be able to be successful against Baltimore and go on the road (St. Louis) and get another win. It hasn’t been like we want it to yet, but it’s getting closer. We’re a long ways from being home here, but it feels better.

"I think we’re coming around," Carroll added. "We’ve got to do something with this week. Two weeks doesn’t mean much to me, but it's two weeks better than we were."

Looking ahead to the Washington Redskins on Sunday, this is how they compare with the Seahawks:

Regular SeasonSeahawks/RankRedskins/RankSeahawks Skinny
Record4-63-7Last 3-game win streak: '07
Total Offense298.5 (28)312.7 (24)424 yards vs. NYG on Oct. 9
Rushing Offense95.1 (27)84.0 (30)162 vs. Dallas on Nov. 6
Passing Offense203.4 (24)228.7 (16)350 vs. Cincy on Oct. 30
Points Per Game16.8 (26)16.0 (27)36 vs. NYG on Oct. 9
Total Defense333 (11)338.7 (14)Held Rams to 185 yards
Rushing Defense100 (8)117.3 (18)Held Rams to just 42 yards
Pass Defense233 (15)221.4 (10)Season-low 124 vs. 49ers
Points Allowed20.9 (14)20.5 (11)Gave up 34 to Cincy Oct. 30

"It’s great to know that we’re going to be home for three weeks," said Carroll. "It has not felt like we’ve had that sense of playing at home with any kind of consistency. So this is a big deal. Two great games coming up after this game, in terms of highlighted games (national cable TV) with the Thursday and Monday.

"It’s a very good feeling for everybody. We’re going to get a little break here, so we’re going to try to take full advantage of every one of these opportunities.”