12 observations of New York from the 12th Man

12 observations of New York from the 12th Man

Credit: Travis Pittman / KING

12 observations of New York from the 12th Man




Posted on January 31, 2014 at 3:10 PM

Updated Friday, Jan 31 at 3:38 PM

NEW YORK - How different is the Big Apple from the Emerald City?  Here are some of my impressions and those of the 12th Man who are in New York City for Super Bowl XLVIII.

New Yorkers are Seahawks fans?

“It seems like New Yorkers are pulling for the ‘Hawks. Every New Yorker I’ve talked to wants the Seahawks to win. I haven’t seen that before, so it’s a little weird. And they mention that Seahawks fans are great fans,” said Justin Reid, Lake Stevens

“We’ve gotten a lot of Seahawks love,” said Casey Crust, Snoqualmie

Don’t stop for anyone

Pedestrians don’t stop crossing the street for traffic, and I mean any traffic. As an ambulance was coming through an intersection with lights and sirens going, a group of about six people decided to use the crosswalk right in front of it. I haven’t seen anyone get hit, yet. But as one police officer told me, people get killed in the city all the time because they run out in front of cars.

It’s about beer, not coffee.

“There are less coffee shops per square mile than in Seattle,” said Ernest Salcedo of Vancouver, B.C.

That sentiment is echoed by Bert Long, formerly of Seattle and now living in Washington, D.C.

“Pubs are way further apart in Seattle than in New York,” said Long.

They’re a confident bunch

“People here are really confident about themselves. Maybe too confident,” said Chris Gullett of Marysville.

That probably explains why they’ll cross the street at any given moment.

There are good, cheap eats to be found

Famed Seattle Chef Tom Douglas was astounded by what he found.

“Fresh pork dumplings. 10 for $2.50. You wouldn’t expect that kind of deal in Manhattan,” said Douglas.

There are also places where you can get two slices of cheese pizza and a soda for $2.50. But, in general, expect to pay more if you’re dining in Times Square.

The title of 'worst streets' goes to…

New York City. On my shuttle from JFK to Times Square, I was stunned that the bus didn’t blow a tire or bend a wheel. The streets are very rough here, except for downtown Manhattan. As bad as it is in Seattle, there’s no question the streets in New York need more work.

A friendly bunch

“Everyone here is very friendly. They are more talkative. I think it’s because everyone is out here for the Super Bowl. I’m not saying they’re friendlier than Seattle. I just think, with everything going on in the streets, everyone is just talking to you,” said Lorraine Tyree, Woodinville

‘The United Nations of Football'

“You have Green Bay fans. You have Detroit fans. You have Bears fans. You have fans of the game, which is really cool to see because you have an entire group of football fans, regardless of the team, that love the game of football that are coming together for the game. If this were Seattle, it would be all blue and green. But here, there’s every color in the league. The United Nations of Football is here this week,” – Ray Carr, formerly of Seattle

Bringing the world together

“There’s an electricity that carries through the air. I think Seattle does that really well with music. I think Seattle is known for its musical history. New York, I think, is known for these moments to bring the world together, and they’re doing a good job so far from what I’ve seen.” – Shaun Tomko, Vancouver B.C.


“Stinky sewer smell– Levi Tyree, Woodinville

Public transportation

No car? No problem in New York. If you ever visit, give the subway system a try before spending money on a cab. It’s fairly easy to navigate and there is no confusing fare system. It’s $2.50 per trip. Period. No peak time, no off-peak time. And at many stations, you can transfer from one train to another without having to pay again.

Everyone wants you to come to their show

When walking through Times Square, don’t be surprised if someone is handing you free passes to some show. But, don’t expect to get a free pass to “Cats” or “Chicago.” Usually the passes are for comedy clubs or “gentlemen’s” clubs.