Seahawks fan makes championship 'Ring for the 12s'

Seahawks fan makes championship 'Ring for the 12s'

Credit: C.J. Johnson

A Seahawks fan has designed the "Ring for the 12s" that can be purchased online to celebrate the team's Super Bowl Championship.



Posted on June 25, 2014 at 8:53 AM

Updated Wednesday, Jun 25 at 9:27 AM

You’ll probably never be able to own the official Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl championship ring, but a fan has created a championship ring just for the 12s that you can own – and it’s much less expensive.

C.J. Johnson of Auburn launched a Kickstarter fundraiser to begin first production of what he calls the “Ring for the 12s.” He’s already passed his $7,000 goal, which covers the first 50 orders.

The ring is not an exact replica of the Seahawks Super Bowl ring, but is designed to honor Seahawks fans, many of whom consider themselves part of the reason for the team’s success. The gems are cubic zirconia.

Johnson said he got the idea the weekend before Super Bowl XLVIII and has spent months working on the design. Some of the features:


  • The top of the ring is in the shape of CenturyLink Field. The design shows a noticeable difference between the north and south end seating, just like at the stadium.
  • The center of the stadium has the number 12 in blue and green to match the Super Bowl jerseys.
  • One side shows the score of the Super Bowl, 43-8.
  • The other side commemorates the Dec. 2, 2013 Monday Night Football game in which fans re-set the record for the loudest stadium crowd, which was 137.6 decibels.
  • The inside of the ring is inscribed with the final scores of all three playoff games in 2013, and the words. “I’M IN!”
  • The ring comes in a crystal ring box which has the number 12 laser-engraved on top. Both of those come inside a Seahawks blue gift box.
  • Each ring comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The ring costs $179, plus tax, and includes free shipping during the Kickstarter phase, which ends July 2. After that, it’s $249 plus tax and shipping.


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