See where Seahawks land in Week 2 NFL power rankings

A roundup of NFL Power Rankings ahead of Week 2.

This week: No. 5; Last week: No. 3

What they said: “Typical Seahawks win on Sunday. Sluggish offense, until Russell Wilson produces magic on the final drive. Then it gets turned over to the Dennis Eckersley of football: the Seattle defense. The one issue with these Seahawks resembles something that also has dogged the Mike Tomlin-era Steelers, and it drives their fans crazy: They seem to play down to their opponent. How many times have we seen lesser teams play Seattle tight until the very end? Oh well -- a win is a win is a win, right?”

This week: No. 3; Last week: No. 1

What they said: “The Seahawks were the top-ranked team in our Power Rankings, but a two-point victory at home over the Dolphins doesn't inspire confidence. Seattle could slip lower after a Week 2 matchup at Los Angeles. The Seahawks have lost three of their past four games against the Rams.”

Pro Football Talk

This week: No. 4; Last week: No. 4

What they said: “It sure looked like they missed Marshawn Lynch on Sunday, victory notwithstanding.”


This week: 9; Last week: 5

What they said: “The offense may be undergoing a philosophical and personality shift, but it matters little as long as that defense stays just the same.”

Bleacher Report (Chris Simms)

This week: No. 11; Last week: No. 8

What they said: “People call me a Seahawks hater. I'm far from it.

I'm actually amazed this team can win games in spite of its limits. The Seahawks offensive line is so porous. Their offensive coordinator calls plays like it's 1980. Sometimes, it's like they just want Russell Wilson to run around and do something spectacular.

And he does. In fact, this roster is stacked with difference-makers like Wilson who show up for the Seahawks. Some of them, like defensive end Michael Bennett, were constantly in Ryan Tannehill's face in Week 1.

I couldn't drop them too far in a close call. I like their roster, but their weaknesses are glaring.”

SB Nation

This week: No. 3; Last week: No. 3

What they said: The Seahawks always win ugly games like that, and they always start the season shaky. Russell Wilson does amazing things with a garbage offensive line. It’s not easy to go into Seattle and come within two points of the Seahawks. Miami’s defense looked good.”

Yahoo! Sports

This week: No. 4; Last week: No. 4

What they said: “A Russell Wilson injury was always the one thing that could derail the Seahawks, considering their treacherous backup situation. He seemed to be scrambling for his life every play behind a struggling line, so you have to worry about him taking many more hits if he can’t move on that bad ankle.”

CBS Sports

This week: No. 4; Last week: No. 4

What they said: “They didn't do much on offense against the Dolphins. This offensive line had issues again and now Russell Wilson is hurt.”


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