All-KingCo 2A/3A girls and boys basketball teams

The 2014-15 All-KingCo 2A/3A girls and boys basketball teams, as selected by coaches.

Boys All-KingCo 2A/3A teams

MVP - Gunther Klimes, 12, Bellevue
Defensive Player of the Year - Kyle Foreman, 12, Bellevue
Coach of the Year - Chris O'Connor, Bellevue and Wes Newton, Sammamish
Team Manager of the Year - Justin Weber, Liberty
Team Sportsmanship Award - Interlake

First Team
Kyle Foreman, 12, Bellevue
Noble Cooper, 11, Liberty
Andrew Pickles, 11, Mercer Island
Sharif Khan, 11, Bellevue
Josh Stenberg, 11, Mercer Island
Noah Jackson, 12, Sammamish

Second Team
Vlad Yadevich, 12, Sammamish
Zack Moore, 12, Bellevue
Michael Shinaul, 12, Sammamish
Kyle Tracy, 12, Sammamish
Mikey Henn, 11, Bellevue

Honorable Mention
Andrew Kenny, 9, Bellevue
Brandon Galland, 12, Interlake
Dylan Moctezuma, 11, Juanita
Salvon Ahmed, 10, Juanita
Sahil Basra, 11, Lake Washington
Zace Lewis, 12, Lake Washington
Payton Frey, 12, Liberty
Gabriel Boucaud, 12, Mercer Island
Ethan Chen, 10, Mercer Island
Sam Nordale, 11, Mercer Island
David Emanuels, 12, Mercer Island

Girls All-KingCo 2A/3A teams

MVP - Jaisa Nunn, 12, Juanita and Tea Adams, 10, Juanita
Coach of the Year - Michael Schick, Sammamish and Kaela Yuen, Mercer Island
Team Sportsmanship Award - Liberty and Mercer Island
Defensive Player of the Year - Tea Adams, Juanita

First Team
Shelby Cansler, 11, Bellevue
Montana Hagstrom, 12, Sammamish
Sydney Shepard, 12, Lake Washington
Cherelle Demps, 12, Liberty
Anna Luce, 10, Mercer Island

Second Team
Jess Blakeslee, 11, Mercer Island
Mandy Steward, 12, Bellevue
Julia Blumenstein, 12, Mercer Island
Courtney Wehner, 10, Interlake
Carly Rataushk, 12, Lake Washington

Honorable Mention (Others who received votes)
Taylor Krause, 11, Mercer Island
Avery Granberg, 12, Liberty
Tatiana Streun, 11, Bellevue
Danielle Demps, 12, Liberty
Maddie Chandler, 10, Interlake
Promise Taylor, 10, Sammamish
Kailee Yan, 10, Mercer Island


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