Why you shouldn't pretend you are pregnant on April Fools' Day

Need some inspiration for April Fools Day? Here are a few easy pranks!

It might be tempting to pull this kind of prank, but it's definitely not okay. You never know who could be going through a rough time struggling with infertility or even a loss of a pregnancy. 

It's not a joke and it can really trigger the emotions of someone you might not know who is going through this certain type of situation. 

Infertility.com has a good reminder about why people shouldn't fake a pregnancy: If someone lost a child, an emotion can be triggered when they first got pregnant. These kind of Facebook posts bring heaviness in the chest that you just cannot understand unless you've experienced it. Just don't post anything about that at all. It's that simple. 

Just refrain from posting fake pregnancies on social media on April Fools.



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