Washington State gives global on GiveBIG

Our community really stepped up in a big way last week. During The Seattle Foundation's annual GiveBIG event, our community raised an estimated $16.3 million in donations for local nonprofits. The more than 1,700 nonprofits participating in GiveBIG represent the Foundation's seven elements of a healthy community: arts & culture, basic needs, economy, education, environment, health & wellness, neighborhoods & communities – and last but not least, global development. You may be asking yourself, "But I thought GiveBIG was about supporting nonprofits here in Washington State?" And it is. Washington State is home to more than 300 nonprofit organizations working abroad. Last week, our community contributed over $1.2 million to these organizations working abroad. From girls' education in Rwanda, to clean drinking water for school children in Nepal, to vocational training for indigenous women in Guatemala, Washington state is a hub for international work. We should all be proud to call Washington home, knowing that our neighbors are doing their part to alleviate poverty and inequality in other countries.

At the Seattle International Foundation (SIF)*, we saw GiveBIG as an opportunity to remind donors that Seattle is playing an important role in alleviating poverty around the world. We teamed up with Global Washington and offered a select group of their members $200,000 in matching funds to be used specifically on GiveBIG. Depending on their annual budget, these nonprofits had $2,500 or $5,000 in matching funds – available only on May 5th. This group of 48 Global Washington members, based right here in the Northwest with programs impacting lives around the globe, collectively raised over $850,000 on GiveBIG, not including matching funds from SIF. Our community went global in a big way on GiveBIG.

Donating to local organizations working abroad, gives donors the opportunity to support Washington state as a hub for international work, and develop relationships with nonprofits that are close-by, but working halfway around the globe. SIF was thrilled to partner with The Seattle Foundation and Global Washington on this special opportunity to remind donors they can give both locally and globally on GiveBIG.

If you are interested in learning more about high-impact organizations based right here in Seattle, making a difference around the world, check out Seattle International Foundation's 2015 Global Philanthropy Guide.

*Seattle International Foundation is a supporting organization to The Seattle Foundation. Founded in 2008 by Bill and Paula Clapp, SIF has granted more than $15 million to 164 high impact organizations in 60 countries. For more information, please visit www.seaif.org or contact Michele Frix, Director of Programs, at mfrix@seaif.org.


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