Tom Voelk

Driving Northwest Host, Photographer

Tom Voelk is the automotive specialist for KING Television.

At 17, a chance meeting with Charles Kuralt (who recognized Tom’s initials were TV) sparked his interest in the broadcasting business.
Tom’s automotive passion began early, helping his father change the oil on the family cars.

He spent his allowance on model car kits and submitted drawings to Mattel for Hot Wheels cars and sets. Unfortunately he lost the letter from Ruth and Elliot Handler (Mattel’s co-founders) telling him to keep up the good work.

His TV career began in his hometown of Duluth, MN at KDLH, and then WCCO in Minneapolis. He moved to the Northwest in 1983, lured by KING’s national reputation and Seattle’s balmy weather (by Minnesota standards at least).

Driving Northwest began in 2003. Packaged as the iTunes series “Driven”, it became the first podcast to win an Emmy Award. Tom shoots, writes and edits the segments. He thanks his friend Martin Campbell for his production assistance and Costco, who lets him borrow bundles of bath tissue for his infamous trunk test.

And no, he has never TPed a house… yet.

Tom is fascinated by the engineering, art, safety, science, marketing, environmental concerns, political posturing, and pop culture of the automotive world. He’s also an avid pedestrian, with over 40 marathons completed.

Tom urges drivers to put the phone down. No call or text is worth risking lives.