Seattle explores adding more red light cameras

A total of 39,414 tickets were issued in 2015.

SEATTLE -- New numbers released by the Seattle Police Department show, on average, more than 100 red light camera citations are dished out every day in the Emerald City. And you can expect that number to go up.

The cost for drivers is $136 a ticket. Over the past two years, the number of red light camera tickets have gone up by 23 percent.

"I think that they're a total scam," Seattle driver Aleja Amesquita explained.

A total of 39,414 tickets were issued in 2015-- that's more than $5.3 million worth of citations. Seattle is on track to issue even more.

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is in the process of pulling data from suspected "problem" intersections to see where more cameras could be most effective. The program, which many people see as "big brother" surveillance, has been in Seattle since 2006.

"I think that we do have cops who can do that stuff, personally, and we don't need surveillance always all over the place," driver Zach Uttech said.

But others say, if the program keeps people safe, they're OK with Seattle adding more cameras.

"I think it really encourages people to be more aware," said Shawn Ly.

Currently, there are 31 cameras at 23 intersections throughout Seattle. Future intersection locations have not yet been released.

The program has its flaws. It's no secret people can get out of red light camera citations by signing a piece of paper saying they were not driving at the time of an alleged infraction. Of course any dishonesty could be viewed as perjury but it's unlikely Seattle could prove it.



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