Commuters ask King County for help with problem intersection

Neighbors are asking for help, worried that lives will be lost at a dangerous intersection near Duvall.

When Kathy Bousman gets into her car to drive to her job in Seattle from Monroe, she's never quite sure what to expect.

"It's very scary sometimes," she says.

The intersection of Woodinville-Duvall Road and West Snoqualmie Valley Road is a main connector between Monroe, Seattle, and the eastside, especially for Microsoft workers.

The roadside is littered with bumpers and broken glass, the leftovers of crash after crash.

According to WSDOT, there have been 15 crashes at the intersection over the past 2 1/2 years alone, resulting in 8 injuries.

Kathy Bousman knows this all too well. She almost became a statistic after a close encounter with a dump truck, last year.

"He was cutting a corner and missed me by maybe a foot because he had turned into my lane. That was rather disconcerting, to say the least," said Bousman.

Bousman believes the issue is a lack of left turn lanes. She says drivers are trying to pass left-turning vehicles on the right-hand side and getting hit.

Susan West, spokeswoman for King County, says the intersection, "generally has one or two collisions a year. The exception to this pattern was in 2015. There were 13 accidents which likely resulted from a cluster of construction projects by Duvall, WSDOT, utilities, and the county - all of which used this intersection as part of a detour route.  Most of these collisions resulted from inattention, improper passing, and not granting right of way upon left turns."

West added that the intersection "ranks very low as a location for any improvements."

A sign at the intersection announces signal improvements to come in 2015. None have been made, however.

"The project was delayed when Woodinville withdrew from participation and the grants had to be re-negotiated," West said. "and the project had to be re-scoped to remove signals within the city of Woodinville. We are having a pre-construction meeting today, and work likely will start in November."  

But Bousman says as the number of people living and working in the area continues to grow, and traffic increases, more changes will have to come.

"It's not a safe corner for anyone who travels the area."

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