World's coldest room ... is in Bellevue?!

World's coldest room ... is in Bellevue?!

Earth's coldest temperature is minus 129 degrees Fahrenheit in Antarctica. Brrrrrr! But that's nothin' compared to what could be the coldest room in the world: at Bellevue's Northwest Cryotherapy Institute.After just three minutes in this room, ice forms on your skin. Even Lebron James uses cryotherapy for a speedy recovery. Plus, if you go, you just might meet Jeremy Taiwo. The Olympic decathlete from UW works at the Institute. Freeze on! 

O-M-G, this magical maternity shoot is EVERYTHING!

It was a storybook photo shoot, complete with a little magic and mothers-to-be. Five expecting moms became the subject of a photo shot that’s now going viral. The Belle-inspired session was magical, but it wasn't without the challenges. The photographer says "between the wardrobe changes, the makeup retouches, the pee breaks and one mommy close to giving birth; we managed to make it come together beautifully!” We agree, the pictures are pure perfection. 

Pray for sun!

Okay, so this isn't very promising, but we'll take what we can get right now. There's a chance we could get weather in the 70s on Wednesday and Thursday! If the clouds let up, we could be in for a little bit of sunshine and we're pretty sure we could all use a little Vitamin D. So keep those fingers crossed and get ready to bust out the flip flops on a moment's notice! 

A membership you'll actually use...

This might sound absurd, but about 70 percent of people with gym memberships never actually use them. *Gasp* But we're willing to bet if you had a spa membership, you'd use it every month. Gene Juarez offers exactly that, and you get to choose between facials, massages, and more. Sign us up! This sounds way more fun than the treadmill.

Chris Pratt can't stop snacking

Pretty much every human on the face of the planet (and in the galaxy too, I guess) is looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. In Chris Pratt's latest interview on the movie, we brought him a Seattle treat, considering he IS a local (he's from Lake Stevens ICYMI). Check out the video to see what local treat we surprised him with and how he continued to chomp down on it throughout the entire interview. Chris, never change. 

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