This barista's day is not full of unicorns and magic

This barista's day is not full of unicorns and magic

A Starbucks barista posted a video on Twitter where he begged the masses to stop ordering the new Unicorn Frappucino. Braden Burson said the drink, which "tastes like a Sweet Tart," is ruining the lives of Starbucks baristas everywhere. "I need to rant just a little bit," Burson said in the video before launching into a full-on tirade against the pink and blue swirled treat.

Let's be blunt - police and pot don't usually pair

But cops around the country busted out some dope jokes in honor of 4/20, known as "Weed Day." We weeded through the best tweets from police. Here's their joint effort to spread awareness with a splash of humor ... go ahead, take a peek inside.

Puppies for rent!

Sounds amazing, right? It 100% is. Seattle non-profit Bravepup will bring a bundle of puppies to your office space (brb we're emailing HR to request this right now). The puppies are rescues from kill shelters in the South and flown to Seattle to find new homes. The Bravepup founder says the office "puppy breaks" are a great way to get them socialized and adopted. ♥

"Cookies you wish your mother had made"

Hello Robin is changing the cookie game, and we have Local Lens (King5's new YouTube series) to thank for introducing us to them. They serve a dozen cookie flavors everyday, and you can make them into ice cream sandwiches... YUM. But anyways, we're dying over the "Mackles'mores" inspired by Macklemore – because every celebrity needs their own cookie, right? Now, where's mine...? ???

Some like it hot... Really hot

It doesn't get much better than fried chicken... Unless you add spice! If you like your food really hot (or know someone who does), then get ready for the Nashville hot chicken at Sisters and Brothers. They serve three levels of heat: mild, hot, and INSANE. "The hotter you get it, the more fun it is to eat," said the owner.

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