Re:5 - Scandal forces Murray out of race

Scandal forces Murray out of race

After days of speculation, Mayor Murray announced that he will not seek re-election. Murray said the Seattle mayoral campaign should be focused on the future of the city “not on a scandal.” Over the past few weeks, four men have accused Murray of sexual abuse in the 1980s. The mayor said the allegations are “hurting this city.” 

Moving targets

The one thing that always makes me feel better before getting in a tin can with 320 of my (new) closest friends (and probably a few screaming kids) is seeing those adorable bomb-sniffing dogs at the airport! A few pups at Sea-Tac started training to track moving targets (like a bomb in someone's luggage). The cool part is how much the dogs like doing it – it’s all just one big game to them. The pups do all the work ... to play with their favorite toy. That’s why dogs are the best. 

Drink up, Seattle

If you’re a Seattleite who loves beer, you’re living in the right place. The Emerald City has topped the list as the city with the most breweries IN THE COUNTRY. According to the new list, the Seattle area has 174 breweries total. Chicagoland came in second with 158. So. Much. Beer. 

Where are you from? Humptulips...

Okay, we can't help but laugh like children. How can you not when a town is named Humptulips!? This tiny town is the " Weirdest Washington Place Name" according to viewers in Best Northwest Escapes. Locals say the jokes all have sexual innuendos (well duh!), but in actuality, the name and its meaning come from a Native American tribe.  

Get your cameras ready

First to Instagram the moon tonight wins! Jk. But it's actually going to be worth looking at because it's the Full Flower Moon! At 8:24 p.m. tonight, you'll be able to see the full moon in Seattle. The next full moon we will see is Planting Moon (not nearly as cool, just saying). 

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