Re:5 - Honey Toast... Cue heavy breathing

Honey Toast... Cue heavy breathing

Yes, it's as amazing as it sounds. HardWok Cafe in the International District serves Taiwanese Honey Toast, or in other words, a colossal dessert that starts out with a block of bread and ends with a mass amount of toppings. Wow. Just wow.

Sleepless in Seattle

Seattle could hit 80 degrees next week. Before you start jumping for joy … let’s all remember what 80 degrees feels like in your house … while you’re trying to sleep … without AC. Yes, I know – it’s a pretty traumatic thing to think about. And don’t forget how much aloe you’ll have to slather on yourself after you get that horrible sunburn. You’ll be so excited to see that burning ball of fire that you’ll forget the sunscreen. You’ll be dreaming of 60 and rain. 

Baby Mozart

Elijah is quite literally a one-man band. The 14-year-old plays at least 10 different instruments … from the bassoon (trust us, it’s an instrument) to the piano. He started playing the drums when he was just 3-years-old. By second grade he had picked up the violin and by third, the trombone. His music teacher calls him a "middle school Mozart." This kid is seriously awesome. Check out his music here

Growing Paine

Good news, North Sound! You can board an Alaska flight without the bustle of Sea-Tac Airport. The airline just announced a new passenger service at Everett's Paine Field starting in 2018 – with nine daily flights. So where should we go? Check out one likely destination here.

Venice, is that you?

Sorry to get your hopes up, it's actually just Gig Harbor. But don't be disappointed! Far away from the famous canals, you can find a gondolier singing "Sul mare luccica, l'astro d'argento." So now, you can take a cruise on the 36 foot long, thousand pound Venetian gondola with your sweetheart without crossing the Atlantic. 

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