Not again, United!

Not again, United!

Talk about a wedding nightmare. United is making more headlines after the airline kicked off a bride and groom headed to their wedding in Costa Rica. Now, we know there are two sides to every story, but which one do you believe? We'll let you be the judge of that.

Finally, April had her calf!

After months of watching and waiting... and watching and waiting some more, it finally happened! Did you miss the big moment? It's okay; we are here for you. You can see April welcome a healthy boy AND you can even see the calf take its first steps! How cool is that?!

Pawsitively adorable

All aboard the puppy train! Have you ever seen a puppy bouquet? One bride wanted to skip the flowers to spread a different kind of message: to motivate people to adopt. Her messaged worked (obvi),  the puppies featured found forever homes. Weddings and puppies? We're in!

For students abroad & "ballers on a budget"

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Rick Steves is the famous travel guy from Edmonds (not that we don't love him), but did you know his son is running a travel company, too? It's for college students studying abroad to go on weekend adventures together. Annnnnd he's got a new book appropriately titled "City Hopping on a Budget." TBH, it's on all of our wish lists.

For your purple obsession...

We get that people in Seattle have a love for the color purple, but there's always those people who take it to another level. Need a purple Kitchen Aide, purple lingerie, or pretty much anything? Seattle's The Purple Store carries is ALL. Go crazy, Husky fans.

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