Don't click the link

Don’t click the link 

If you receive a link to a Google Doc that you weren't expecting, don't open it! A new phishing scam is fooling people across the Internet (not just grandmas!). According to a guy on Reddit, when he clicked the link, it took him to a very real-looking URL that masked itself as a sign-in sheet. But when he signed in, it spread the scam to everyone he has EVER emailed! So, please - whatever you do - DON'T CLICK THE LINK! 

I saw the sign 

Marysville isn’t messing around when it comes to school bus safety. A new program will give drivers a $419 ticket for illegally passing a stopped school bus. That’s a nice chunk of cash. But how will they really know? They can’t have cops following every bus, but they don’t need to – the school buses now have CAMERAS to catch drivers. So, just stop – seriously. It could save a life. 

I'll have another

Who doesn’t love a nice cold one on a warm day (or a cold day – any day for that matter)? If you truly LOVE beer – this is for you. The world’s first 1,000-pack of beer is here! A Finnish brewery debuted the case, which has exactly 1,080 cans and sits on a wooden pallet. The bad news? It costs $2,348.03 … and a trip to Finland. 

Wanna share a cow with me?

Sounds a little crazy, right? But that's the idea behind the Seattle startup Crowd Cow. A bunch of people crowdfund a cow and then get to pick exactly what cut of meat they want. That way you don't have to deal with an entire chest full of meat all year. We tried one of their steaks, and let me tell you... It was utterly amazing (sorry for the bad pun, couldn't help myself).

Is Russell Wilson in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2?!

That's for you to decide if it's fake news or the real deal. Okay, it's probably not real. But we didn't say it... Chris Pratt did. We decided to formulate a "disinformation campaign" with the cast of the new movie, and the sorta-not-really spoilers were pretty hilarious. Oprah. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Anything goes!

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