Bill & Fed's excellent adventure

Bill & Fed's excellent adventure 

How does the richest man in the world spend a Saturday night? Any way he likes! And this past Saturday, that meant a tennis match with the world's top tennis player. Yes, Bill Gates and Roger Federer met for an epic charity match in Seattle. See footage from the instant classic here; you'll love it (obligatory tennis pun).

No time to sleep

Russell Wilson's famous mantra takes on new meaning with the joyous arrival of his newborn girl. Wifey Ciara delivered Sienna Princess Wilson on Friday night, during the NFL draft no less! The power couple posted the exciting news on Instagram with a precious tribute to their tiny twelfie. Check it out! 

Pickle juice soda is a 'really big dill'

You may like pickles. But how about pickle juice? A store in Pennsylvania is betting you'll like it enough to drink it. Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop is offering a unique drink: Pickle Juice Soda Pop. "If you're the kind of pickle lover who relishes all things pickle, then this is gonna be a really big dill." Curious customers can pick up a bottle for $2.50 at the store or order it online for $9.99, which includes shipping and handling.

A whole lotta meat...

Feast your eyes upon the TALLEST burger in the PNW. Twenty patties piled high! The Burger Madness Seattle hamburger is so massive, only one person has ever finished it (aaaaaand he did it in only eight minutes). If that's too much meat for you, you can try the Stack 'em Challenge and go for 12, which is still unreal. Thinking about it makes our stomachs hurt, but we all know that one person who'd be willing to try.

So we know Seattle real-estate is expensive and all...

But we never imagined an 11 sq. ft. piece of property would ever exist – that's the size of a La-Z-boy. With how expensive the housing market is right now, it's pretty believable, but the Capitol Hill property was actually just a leftover. In 1916, Seattle's smallest property was worth just $50. Now, it's finally merged with the land next to it, and a new apartment building hangs over the original property.

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