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So long, soda

Put down the Pepsi. Well, you don’t have to … but it’s going to cost you (more). Seattle has approved a tax on pop and other sugary drinks. Here’s what it means: You’ll be paying 1.75 cents per ounce on pop, sports drinks, energy drinks and other sweetened drinks. So, where’s all that money going? The mayor says the millions will go to programs to promote healthy eating … and help close the learning gap between white and minority students. Addicted to diet coke? You’re in the clear. Diet drinks will NOT be taxed (SCORE!). 


If there’s one things dads know what to do, it’s embarrass their kids (specifically teens).  But dads can also be pretty sweet … sometimes. Dylan Olivo found that out on the day he graduated from high school. His dad showed up wearing a present Dylan had given him … when he was in first grade! The homemade Pokemon necktie (which, by the way, is AWESOME) has since gone viral. Nice work, daddy-o. 

Skater cop

Officer Craig Hanaumi brings more than his badge to the park — he brings his board. Bellevue’s “skateboard cop” has become internet royalty … known for doing tricks while in uniform. He says his skills have helped him build trust with teens who might have had a negative view of cops. That’s pretty dope, man! 

Come hangout with the cool kids

Seriously, though. Team Evening is filming live from Pyramid Ale House and we want to hang out with you all. Kim, Jim, Saint, Michael  ̶  they’ll all be there! Plus, special guests Terry Hollimon & Marcus Trufant (former Seahawk) from The Barbershop Show. So, come grab a cold one and check out what a live TV broadcast is really like. RSVP to let us know you’re in! 

The cutest (and furriest) friends!

Yes, the Seattle Aquarium might have the coolest otters around, but here’s three little buddies at Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma that we want to be BFFs with! Say hello to Gonzo, Thurston, and Siesta  ̶  an anteater, skunk, and sloth. These three are part of the zoo’s Wild Wonders Show and it runs throughout the summer. 

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