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Get your burger fix

With the first day of summer comes great news (if you’re planning to enjoy some Eastern Washington sun). A fire shut down our fav ‘59er Diner last year … but it’s back in business! Burgers, shakes and all the yummy goodness is now being served out of a food truck. And no, you won’t have to go searching. It’s right off Highway 2, like always. (And now I want a cheeseburger.)

Stop camping, seriously.

You've been warned! If you’re a Left Lane Camper (you know who you are) you might be putting your money where your mouth is. WSP is cracking down … and the fine isn’t cheap. That $136 should keep you from drifting to the left. 

Inside the ‘Twin Peaks’ home

Twin Peaks fans, walk through Everett’s Rucker Hill neighborhood and you might feel a little déjà vu. Laura Palmer’s (creepy) house is a Dutch colonial on 33rd St. The previous owner remembers the film company knocking on the door and asking to use her home. You’ll recognize everything from the iconic fan to Laura’s wicker chair in her bedroom. Now, all we need is a slice of cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee.

Dream job?

If you're looking for a dream job in the U.K., complete with 28 vacation days and nearly $64,000 a year, look no further. A family with two children is looking for a nanny. But, there's a catch (there always is). Apparently, the house is … well … haunted. As a result, the family has lost five nannies in the last year...! Still want the job? 

The infamous ‘Three Way’

Not THAT kind of three way… We’re talking about the most popular chili dish served at The Chili Parlor in Tacoma. This diner is best known for their Cincinnati-style Chili made with Mediterranean spices, which is traditionally served over spaghetti (yes, spaghetti). Add some shredded cheese to the top of it and you’ve got yourself a Three Way. Where else can you say, “Come on honey, we’re going out to have a three way tonight,” without getting in trouble?

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